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The UA youth group aims to glorify God by restoring God’s image in Christ within our own lives, and by redeeming the world around us through acts of godliness: love, compassion, sympathy, service, integrity, and sacrifice. We believe that this happens through the cultivation of faith in families, expressions of faith amongst one another and to the rest of the world, and through the education, rituals, and community of faith in the church.
As such, we believe that the parents are as much a “youth minister”, as the official minister at the church. Even more, it is the primary responsibility of the family to capitalize on the lessons, activities, events, and services at corporate church to instill inner and outer faith in their children.
We also believe that faith is formed and equipped in less measurable ways through the influence of non-exploitative, mentor relationships with the broader church community. Sharing life and being secure in the knowledge that we are loved by one another reflects the eternal and unselfish love God has for all creation.
Finally, we believe that faith in God ultimately comes and grows through the work of the Holy Spirit. Please continue to keep our teens as individuals and as a community, and our various ministries to them in your prayers.