God created us in His likeness that we might embody His nature. We believe that mankind exchanged God’s glory, and thereby miscarried God’s intention for creation; but sin is not the final word. Through faith in Christ we are redeemed. The life of Jesus became our example; His death our dawn; His resurrection our hope. Christ is the foundation of the message we preach and the lives we lead. Because of God’s faithful love, we have confidence to meet all circumstances as we lean upon the Spirit that descends upon believers in baptism



When He came, Jesus called people to follow Him. Followers learned His new way of life as they lived together with Him. Later when people accepted the promise of life in the crucified and risen Christ, they received the Holy Spirit and were added to a community of faith. Jesus said these believers were His body. They were joined together by the Holy Spirit. They lived to continue Christ’s work in the world. The Body of Christ in the world — the Church of Christ universal — is made up of all those who are joined with Christ. We are part of that Body.



We believe our loving God made us, hoping we would worship Him. We are incomplete until we learn to express our love to Him in worship. In Christ, God invites us to worship in spirit and truth. We worship in faithful living. We worship in private prayer and devotion. We also worship as we come together with other Christians to pray and sing, to share the Lord’s Supper and contribute to the needs of others, to read Scripture and hear good news proclaimed.


Jesus told his followers to go into all the world and help people become his followers too. University Avenue church helps missions in Russia and Croatia, but Austin is our first mission assignment. We present Jesus to Austin as we help the poor through the Christian Service Center and Micah 6. We present Christ to the University of Texas community through Longhorns for Christ. Seekers of life find good answers in the Alpha ministry. In addition to these formal outreach channels, members of UA are challenged to tell others the reason for the hope they have in Christ.