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The University Avenue Prayer Ministry expresses the desire of the UA faith community to have our identity and our ministry marked by prayer.
We seek to encourage each member of our faith family to deepen his/her relationship with God through prayer and to be more attentive and responsive to God through faithful communication and communion with Him.
We also desire that every aspect of ministry at University Avenue be saturated in prayer. We seek the presence of the Holy Spirit to shape us as a community and to direct and empower each ministry effort.
As Cheryl Saks says inThe Prayer Saturated Church, “When a church is truly connected to the Spirit of God, His Spirit flows in ministry—first through the church and then out the doors into the surrounding community, bringing life and fruit wherever it flows.”
The UA Prayer Ministry provides a variety of prayer opportunities. Prayer teams are being developed: (1) to provide prayer coverage before each worship service, (2) to offer intercession and encouragement, and (3) to support our ministers, elders, ministry leaders and participants. In addition, church members are invited to join together quarterly for A Night of Praise and Prayer.
Because we believe that we all should be thoroughly equipped to do the work of prayer, trainings will be provided beginning in the fall of 2015.
Through our commitment to this ministry, we desire to grow and mature as a faith community whose life and work is covered in prayer.